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Anonymous Coward

Remember Castrol?

@"You have to give them permission to sell your details or you do not get a licence. Therefore, if you have a licence, they can sell your details."

They get 2.50 quid a pop for each automated computer query, its a real profit center for them. Do you remember the Castrol advert? It would scan your number plate, pull up your DVLA details and display a personalized advert to you?

The excuse?: "DVLA provides vehicle information under strict contractual terms to the motor industry to ensure vehicles are fitted with the correct parts, including brakes, tyres and oil."

Actually the VIN number is how they order the exact parts. Nothing to do with the model type in the DVLA computer, that doesn't have the micro detail necessary and the car manufacturer didn't know the license plate number when they made the car. It doesn't link up.

So now your driving license details will be added? The photograph too? The face metrics used for Facebook lookup? So much private data sold by government.

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