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Driving licences on mobile phones? What could possibly go wrong?

As a technical type (electronics, electrics, electromechanical, mechanical, and now IT) for more years than I care to remember (and the offspring of an engineer who learned his trade when it meant something, not like currently where kids with maths qualifications can't do simple sums - or any 'working-out' at all apparently - and where those with English exam "passes" cannot spell, write or read properly and most can't even speak properly either - or did I miss the ruling where most vowels were replaced with "O"s and "T" dropped completely - wo'evor, prin'or, etc), I have lost count of the times some bright spark* comes up with a technical solution that fails miserably when there was a much simpler method of doing the same.

Still, I expect the people responsible for this brainwave will be the first to volunteer to have their licences converted and will trial the scheme for a reasonable time to prove it will work for the rest of us plebs. A good three or four years at least should do it...

* I write 'bright spark'. What I meant was the sort of thing that gets publications banned for prolonged and justified use of obscenities...

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