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Theranos bins two years of test results


Nope. Not buying what you're selling. I worked hard at uni to become the best engineer I could, and have spent my entire life learning. I have met a few who never finished uni and went on to become great engineers, but by far the best and brightest managers and developers I have met have been the first to admit they do not have all the answers and need to keep learning. You stand a much better chance of creating a breakthrough if you have experience in the field.

I refuse to admit that the Theranos CEO knew enough about biology, testing or medicine to start that company. She took a leap of faith, based on flimsy understanding and youthful optimism, and sold it to others, who are at fault for not doing due diligence. You do understand that term, I hope, as it is crucial to making intelligent investment decisions. If you do not understand the tech in which you plan to invest, find someone who does, and have them dig deep before you invest. Clearly, that was not done, and the result is that a lot of folks were taken in by Elizabeth Holmes and her unfounded optimism.

Real progress comes by hard work much more frequently than it does from an outsiders inspired guesswork. Holmes took a guess and her lack of background or experience caught up with her.

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