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"I thought that the Conservatives had admitted the rules had been breached but it was all a big misunderstanding and all the fault of some junior unpaid volunteer. Criminal intent or honest mistake is for the courts to decide, but those seats were still "won" by breaking the rules and should be uncontested."

It's always a misunderstanding and the fault of some one else when someone is caught doing something they shouldn't. Like it was a complete misunderstanding that I filled my car up with £60 of petrol and drove off without paying, and that actually it was the cashiers fault for not telling me to pay in the first place. You can see how this goes?

And let us not begin to mention how a van with 10,000 votes was stolen on the night of the election. Coincidence? You could say that. Or it could be something else. Who knows? Probably just a misunderstanding and the drivers fault for not clamping the wheel of the vehicle.

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