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> Most houses in the US are connected to two 110V supplies that are 180° out of phase. If you

> know a competent electrician you can wire across the two phases and get 220V.

*All* houses in the US are connected with a *single* 240v supply. It's split phase using a transformer on the pole, two hot, one ground (earth). Hopefully all the licensed, pro electricians are competent. They should all be able to wire a basic 240v outlet.

> With an isolating transformer of capable rating, you can create a properly grounded 220V

> supply to an outlet in the kitchen, and then run a 3kW or similar european kettle. You would

> just have to have a very knowledgeable electrical inspector to sign off on that wiring.

You don't need a transformer, you just need to understand electricity basics to wire a simple 240v outlet. Any building inspector that signs off on something using a transformer should be fired for being incompetent.

I rest my case about Limey ignoramuses. Queued, cued, or kewed, the chorus begins.

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