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So given fossil is rapidly diminshing , are we all doomed or do you have any ideas?

I'd start by quibbling about "rapidly diminishing." Larger coal reserves, like those of North America, have some centuries of life in them. And we haven't really tapped methane clathrates.

But there are lots of ways to replace fossil fuels. They just cost more than ready made fossil fuels sitting in the ground. Options include:

1) Oil synthesis from water and coal or methane

2) Oil synthesis from water and carbon dioxide

3) Ammonia fuel synthesis from water and nitrogen

4) Hydrogen synthesis from water

(I'm not touching biofuels because they tend to compete with farming. The bioethanol craze in the US hurt food prices globally. Give me ammonia or propane synthesized with nuclear energy.)

To replace fossil fuels all you need is lots of energy, more money, and the common feedstocks. And a convenient storage method in the case of hydrogen.

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