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How is Google Abusing Anything?

Does Google pre-install Google as the default search engine in most peoples computers? Wouldn't that be the browser provider? So if Chrome comes with Google, and Edge comes with Bing, what's the problem? Seems here people CHOOSE to use Chrome, and thus choose to use Google?

What about search on phones? People buy Google Android phones, why wouldn't they expect to use Google search? If people want to use Bing, buy a Microsoft Windows 10 phone. I don't even know what search provider is supplied as default on iPhone, but if it's Google, that's Apple's decision/responsibility!

The problem here is that there is no competition to Google's Search, and that is NOT Google's problem. No one is forcing anyone to use Google search unless those people opt into other Google services. So who's downloading Google Chrome on their Google Android and saying "jeese, why is Google my default search engine?"

I think the No. 1 Overall problem is people just don't know how to use Google. I'm sure most readers here get plenty of questions that are easily answered by a suitably crafted Google query. So, people seeing Google results instead of the results they expect probably aren't asking Google the right question.

Think about it this way. You hail a taxi and say "take me to ANY grocery store". The taxi driver has several motivations, the farther they drive you, the more they make. The closer the store, the quicker they can pick up another fare, etc... If YOU, the patron, wanted a specific store, YOU should have asked the driver to take you THERE. Google is just giving you what it feels is most convenient, based on the vagueness of your request. Now imagine that you want the Taxi driver to drive you to a DIFFERENT taxi company's headquarters to pick up another taxi, and then YOU, the patron, refuse to actually pay the first taxi driver. That's what people who use Google to search for a competitors services are essentially doing.

I suggest Google start charging EU users BY QUERY. See if a nickel a search is what people want to pay for completely fair results. If not, maybe people should accept that Google is a company and has to monetize their product somehow, and advertising their own services is one way of doing that.

I don't see anyone suing Apple to force them to sell Chromebooks in their Apple stores.

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