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How are US employment laws worse than the UK?

Maternity/paternity leave:

UK 52 weeks split however you want between both parents, Several months of it paid and a slowly decreasing amount.

USA 6 weeks unpaid for the mother. (12 weeks each parent with some pay in California)

Job security:

UK any professional job is will have a 4 week or more bilateral notice period. There is a legal minimum redundancy payment.

USA your notice period is the time it takes to escort you to the door. No required payoff for laying someone off. (If on an H-1B this gives you 2 weeks to get out the country)

Time off:

UK professional jobs will typically have 25 days time off per year. The legal minimum is 20 days. Employers will encourage people to use them up.

US no legal minimum. Typically ~20 offered for silicon valley tech companies however some companies strongly discourage people to use them.

Sick pay:

UK if you are sick you don't come in to the office. This does not come off your holiday allowance.

USA if you are sick you either use your time off or come in and infect your coworkers.

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