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Laser-zapping scientists will save the Earth from meteorite destruction

Asterix the Gaul

From Doom-sayers to Doom-makers

By what reason do so-called 'scientist' take it upon themselves to set this planet,it's inhabitants,it's evironment on terre firma & the sky above to unacceptable risk?

To use this 'experiment' as a model for the real thing is not valid.

These fragments of meteorites,that have already landed on earth,does not validate the 'experiment'.

Such fragments will be acting on matter already modified by entry through our atmosphere.

Any meteorite fragmented by laser in it's direct approach to Earth, willl possibly fragment,with much of the matter scattering,before being set through the atmosphere, or, placed in orbit above.

If the latter,it will endanger many orbiting satelites,possibly interupting communications & causing unnecessary dangers for any future launches from the ground.

America,being 'America', displays the absolute arrogance of absolute power that it has bestowed upon itself.

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