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fer feck's sake

Are you all ravin' loonies or something. Downvote me all you will. Sure, 'experts' should not be coming into a country to -replace- perfectly good local 'experts' doing the same job, agreed. (I'm not sure where I'm going yet, but this comment thread is just full of hateful 'they're stealing my job' guys).

I worked once for a high-tech company which at one point decided to try to push the product into the US, at some success. Thing was, it was pretty niche, and you wouldn't just hire random bloke with IT experience to do it. My company brought in several engineers, on various visas to do the job -AT FIRST-.

After deployment started to roll out, and things were smoothing over, we started hiring local US engineers and trained them for the job, and slowly but surely all us evil "furners" moved out to other countries, after having created upwards of 50 jobs in the US. AFAIK, as I left the company, they are still doing great, and expanding.

The general attitude you give is "we Merkin's know everything better". You don't. Sometimes, even in IT, there are small, innovative companies that are actually smarter, and hold a niche, and they create jobs.

If you are an asshat company hiring call center folks from India on H-1B, then fine. Gettafuckouttathere. You don't need to do that.

FFS. Trump? You will get all you deserve.

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