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I never did spend much time on geocities because yes it was a load of cack.

However I did use many decent pages that didn't look like that and didn't have ad funding run by people who actually had something useful they wanted you to read/view/mod/comment on.

Used to be when you fired up your pre-google spider of choice and typed in "blahblahblah.dll download" you'd get a result within the first 100 for a site with those individual libraries for download. Sure the site was just a huge list of links, but a bit of time parsing and you'd have your file.

Since the internet has been made so much better by advertising why not try that now.

My usual experience is you'll spend the first 100 results just sifting through ad sponsored "Download Drivers for Free (we don't actually have any on site)" and similar combined with about 60 asshat blog posts with the line "Got error in blahblahblah.dll" but nothing afterwards on how they fixed said error or in fact where they even found blahblahblah.dll in the first place.

So no. I'm not impressed with the innovation of ad funded networking in this particular sphere.

If all I wanted to do is sit and read other people's ramblings (like I'm doing here) then it would be fine, but I do actually need the damned web to be useful sometimes.

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