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"I believe you're using the Internet. That's an American invention."

However it does somewhat rely on Computers, which are a British invention.

"Cell phones would look pretty funny if they had to use vacuum tubes"

Phones wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for Alexander Graham Bell (Scotland)

"How many Brits have walked on the moon"

<conspiricy>Same as US. None. :)</conspiricy>

Im going to skip the rest and pull out the trump (Pardon the pun) card.

If it wasn't for the UK the majority of Americans would be speaking Portuguese/Spanish right now.

I love that any conversation that casts the US in any kind of bad light turns into this massive willy waving contest over who has the best inventions and industry (Ill give you a clue - at the moment its not the US or UK - its somewhere distinctly more Asian)

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