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Modern electronics rely on the transistor.

If it wasn't for Paul Dirac, no-one would have known that such things were possible.

which helped the US save Europe's ass again

Ah, the US. Twice late to the game. Remind me why that was.

Apple computers. IBM computers. UNIX. C. Windows. Total Quality Management. GPS (another DOD project.) FAX (in 1925!) Solar cells. Digital networks.

Telephone. Radio. Film cameras. Television. And most of the underlying theories which allowed the development of technologies based on electromagnetism.

See? Two can play that game.

And if American companies are stopped from bringing in foreign workers under false pretenses to drop wages, you'll see a lot more of this.

If that were so certain, you'd imagine the big tech companies would already have stopped hiring foreign workers and let the likes of Liberty U take up the slack...

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