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I blame Microsoft personally

I've been a victim of the data theft that has gone on from the Indian call centres that TT sold my info to. They wait a few months, sell the list to someone else then call back. They have even started to be verbally abusive as well. I'm on a mug's list, won't ever get off it now.

The way talk talk have handled this is a disgrace. Dido Harding is a disgrace and the worst that humanity has to off as an example to our children. She'd steal them and burn them alive to eat them if she thought it would make her a bit of cash. After all, she has gotten away with everything so far. No comebacks, no responsibility. Just an amazingly disingenuous and insulting response. I will be moving, soon.

I only signed with tt coz they were the only ones actually providing a service in my rural area. It was adequate at 7MBs to start off with but with lots of drop outs. They upped it to 14MBs a couple of years ago and the service has been much much better.

However, do not expect phone support. It is just not worth it. In fact, if you want tt to sell your details on (or their employees) then by all means sign up with them. You will get no satisfaction to complain.

There I was, all set to cross over to BT with a pretty much exact same package for the same price. I guess they just worked out how much I was paying and thought 'well, as long as we don't charge him more than what he is already paying, he will probably go for it'. And I probably would have as well if it wasn't for those pesky bandwidth limitations. BT set a cap of 40-50GB. Everything else the same - phone rental, calls, extra calls, full package really apart from the bandwidth limit.

And, that is why I held on, because Microsoft are slurping about 1.5GB a day and I can't stop them. I have found a script on the net and I hacked it. No, really hacked it, as in 'I didn't have a clue what I was doing', but I imaged my system drive and took out a few lines of code from a batch file someone put up here at el Reg. It would stop the service and erase the cache downloaded, but it would then start up again. The two lines of code at the end I 'hacked' out, stopped that from starting again, at least while the machine had not been rebooted. I still haven't found a way to totally stop it.

I'm not a real programmer, or even a programmer for that matter. But I like to tinker. It took me nearly a week of tracing in Process Explorer and researching on line just to find out why svc.exe was taking up a full core constantly and dl'ing 1.5GB before it stopped. I probably could figure out how to stop this for good, but I'm just stopping using Microsoft now and can't be bothered.

So, as I can not stop Microsoft slurping down 50GB a month through my pipes for nothing - it gets deleted as soon as it is done - that would be my entire bandwidth allocation for the month.

So, Talk Talk, say thank you to Microsoft for also shafting their customers. I'm still with you because of them. And BT, kick Microsoft in the nuts, because the only reason I did NOT take your package was because of those other bastards hijacking my machine and planting a virus I can not get rid of, despite a whole week of work and a fucking degree in computing.

As for the upgrades. I don't believe TT. They have lied and lied and lied and have been proven to have lied and you really can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. I'm still waiting for Dido Harding to be sacked, or at least admit responsibility, or at least tell us exactly what the shit went on. But that will be a cold day in hell.

BT have put their prices up as well, so I may still be with tt for some time to come. My only solace is in the knowledge that they are all bastards and as bad as each other.

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