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"I'd be *amazed* if anybody who reads the 'reg is a customer of these clowns."

Well, be amazed, then.. Some of us have been taken over many times since 2002..Nildram-Pipex-Tiscali-TalkTalk.

Some of us have had no real problems in 14 years.Some of us have had cheap deals to keep us sweet. Some of us cannot afford (on a pension) to lavish our money on super fast fibre and and bl***y unnecessary TV being piped down the Internet (or cat videos for that matter) .(Some of us managed to play Quake II online on a dial up connection before the advertisers and Big Business got their claws in the Web.)

Some of us realise that, no matter the company, any of our data online is always at risk from someone, manage the risk. Jump to another supplier? How much?? Too the moment.

But let's see what the BT offers will be now Spurs are in the CL this time around..maybe I can squeeze a bit more from the wife's pension....

(Is that sufficient trolling, ED? oh, ok... LINUX! FTW..and for good measure...Arsenal supporters think the Internet is what keeps them from the Away fans...that should do it... back next week when the flames die down...)

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