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Ayup. Hear you and second that. As they say in the City of Corruption, USA (our blessed capitol), if you want appreciation, get a dog. Otherwise, wear a steel-mesh reinforced jock strap, cuz the sharks are comin' for ya.

I edited and owned and ran rural newspapers for many years. We devoted much effort & expense to fill our pages with relevant news content, news which we dug up, researched, verified, edited, and typeset, proofed, and printed. It's a costly process.

We depended (mostly) on local advertising support to fund the enterprise and meet payrolls to keep reporters and printers engaged.

And then a "shopper" would move into the community. They printed pure "ad sheets" with no news content, except for a few pieces of "filler" they clipped from outside sources. Cost=nothing. Then they went around to all our business advertisers, offering "much cheaper" advertising rates.

It hurt. Readers wanted our news content, to keep tabs on the city council, county commission, and zoning board rulings. And also to see if Cousin Rotnik had finally been caught and charged, and if we'd at last spelled Mr. Giampedraglia's name correctly (I kept this one on a slip of paper taped above the Linotype keyboard!)

The cheap-skate business owners felt little loyalty to their community news; at every opportunity, they spent their ad budget on cheap space in the "Shopper" ... until they learned that the throw-away rag held no reader interest, and their ads didn't draw customers.

Lesson: if you want loyalty, adopt a dog. And it never seems to occur to the idiots that very few people will sit and read an ad-sheet "Shopper" with their morning coffee! So what happens? You kill the good news producer, and wind up with nothing but shit for breakfast!

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