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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

Mr Templedene

I used to use an adblocker, but got frustrated by having to whitelist sites left right and centre, and the fact that on some sites I saw a noticeable slow down of the site because of it.

When I removed the adblocker from firefox I left in place the firefox "do not track" option and turned off flash (allow if I say so), and I am noticing now a number of websites (wired, torygraph and more) detect that option as "you are using an adblocker"

Well FU, I don't want to be tracked, I will quite happily let you serve me ads, but if they try to track me from site to site, that is unacceptable!

The register, fortunately, seems OK with the "do not track option" and I am happy to see the ads it serves, now that the ones that expanded over what I was reading have been shot down.

Advertisers need to realise that, actually, I, and I am sure more like me, will click through on something they see that looks relevant, but will be put off by "aggressive" ads that auto play audio (video) or try to blat themselves over what I am reading.

Advertisers need to take note that the viewing audience is becoming more technical, and more intolerant of crap.

Facebook has got it under control, and I think I have clicked through to more ads on facebook than all other websites combined

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