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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest


Genie, bottle, get back in - no chance!

The advantages of adblocking:

1) Prevent malware attacks.

2) Stop tracking / spying.

3) Internet speeds up.

4) Save money on bandwith charges.

5) Less irritation.

The disadvantages:

1) Your favourite websites lose out on revenue.

2) Ermm...


1) Paywall - bye, bye users.

2) Time sensitive - paid users view first, non-payers later.

3) Product placement / paid endorsement - works to a degree depending on relevance.

4) Host the adverts on the same site (won't get blocked) - will never work as the advertisers won't trust the site owner.

5) Charge the ISP's as a revenue source - would have to be voluntary but could work if planned properly.

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