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What you speak of is the holy grail. For both content providers and end users alike. Probably not for the mAD men, but who really cares about them anyway.

Content providers have been seeing this as a logical way to at least make some money from what they do, and end users would end up paying very little for quality they cherish. Don't cherish it enough to pay 1p - then fuck off, then you are a parasite.

I've talked about this quite a bit, but suffice it to say it is just the tragedy of the commons all over again.

What we need is a kind of ------------------ of the commons (insert proper word I couldn't find). A world where people do not deplete resources until they are gone so no one can enjoy them, but a world where every one pays what they can afford, as they can afford it, happily, to make future commons available even to our grandchildren.

It's a fact that people would rather be forced to pay 20 quid for something than voluntarily pay 1 quid. I've proven that with my work. However, if a system existed to force them to pay 1 penny for the content, then they probably would have. I would have made thousands. But people just don't like paying for anything, that is a fact.

But paying for content is not the same argument as to why ads are despised and blocked. It's a pretty sneaky conflation to massage the reality of the situation. They are wholly two disparate issues.

There is probably a good reason why the whole micropayments thing won't ever take off. Possibly too many big players standing to lose too much power/money. If a micropayments system were in place, it would solve a major proportion of the content provider's problems, and the end user's problems as well. The mAD men's problems? Not so much.

Who knows, we may see a micropayments system one day, but the fact that so far no one (seems) to have made a serious stab at it, leaves me with suspicion. It's a golden walled diamond mine to the dev that gets that one right. Like paypal etc.

I honestly don't know why there isn't one in place already. Too logical and common sense I suppose. Or maybe it just wouldn't line the vested interest's pockets. This isn't about the content providers, it's not about the end-users, it's about other people being granted full legal permission to take sovereign control of your computer. This is as much about big government and big corporations and the control they wield as much as it is about anything else.

The internet we knew from 20 years ago is all but recognizable to us now. The dream gone.

The internet we will have in 2020 will be even more unrecognizable than what this present incarnation has transmogrified into.

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