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Ads are annoying

Serve ads that are 100% relevant to the content of the article, small, and mesh/match the site color scheme. Any popovers/tracking/sound/videos/flashing is grounds for adblock plus.

In a nutshell, I hold sites to the standard that Spiceworks has set.

How to fix the advertising industry:

Make it illegal for ad companies to serve malicious content.

Make it illegal for businesses to buy/serve/run ad campaigns that have hidden malware.

Require a real person to make the campaign purchase and hold them liable in a contract for any attempts to serve malware.

Ad companies need the buyer to prove there's no malware before submitting a campaign, they need testbed and practice areas for ad-viewing that are scanned and monitored heavily for any obfuscated attempt to slip in malware.

If there's malware, serve a warning if it was a compromised site and if it was a nefarious act, that person and company are blacklisted permanently with all internet and paper advertising agencies.

Make the fines so steep that any attempt to serve malware would be met with the police and written warning or a $5000 fine per infected computer.

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