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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

Tom Servo

You pick up a newspaper.

Only this time it takes 5 seconds everytime you try to turn the page. When you do, that advert for comfortable polyester trousers in the bottom right hand corner fills up and blocks the articles. It also starts to make a racket about how you'll never have to iron them. You look for the X button to get rid of the ad to read the articles. Can you find it? Can you fuck, it's 2 shades darker blue on the hex colour scale than the blue background it's on. Eventually you find it and press it. The catalogue for the trouser company appears in your hands because you didn't quite hit the X right in the middle. After you get rid of the catalogue and the ad, you get to read the article.

turn the page and repeat every time.

You'd never pick up the paper again, and you parasitic ad people have created this experience online and whine when we do everything we can to minimize disruption.

Get fucked, just because you could, doesn't mean you should.

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