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Italians rattle little tin for smartmobe mini lenses

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It's almost comical how industriously they avoid showing the _front_ of phones with the lens installed - unsurprisingly so since on my phone for instance the strip would fold exactly over the speaker grille. Not to mention that they only show aluminium unibody phones - I'm not so sure the slightly textured back of my Samsung Galaxy would make for a great adherence around the camera.

At any rate, this will likely get used maybe ten times then forgotten at the bottom of a drawer by most people - if you genuinely have a regularly recurring use case, you're much better off with one of those ubiquitous dirt-cheap USB microscopes, even if it isn't particularly high grade: at least those have lenses matched (and fixed) to their cameras, for better or worse. You can even connect one to your smartphone to watch comfortably while you poke around somewhere with the pen cam at the other end of the cable...

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