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Experian Audience Engine knows almost as much about you as Google

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I was approached in the local shopping centre by a lady offering me a credit building credit card. I explained that I didn't need one and she insisted that my credit score could be improved with this card. After my patience had run slightly thinner I asked if she knew anything about credit scores as I thought I knew a bit more than her. She got a tiny bit defensive and told me that of course she did so I enquired as to what the maximum was on Experian.

"Oh well it varies but we could get you up there" so I explained I had just ended my months trial with them. I said that I knew from this that I was "up there" and was only ±10points off a perfect score. She asked what my credit rating was "if you know so much about it". I said "Super Prime" and she looked me up an down once and said in a very sarcastic tone "Really?" before attaching herself to someone else.

I wasn't lying I do have a good credit score but she clearly knew so little about them she shouldn't have been attempting to sign people up to a credit building credit card. Just because I was in a shopping centre during the day doesn't automatically mean I'm unemployed and you'd think she might want to consider I might be having a days holiday or a day off in lieu.

I suspect Experian know loads about me which could come in useful if I forget something as old age advances!

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