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To be honest, installing Linux doesn't really make your life any easier for a non expert user

Manifestly untrue! None of the recent converts to Linux that I know of have complained about the following:

* The discovery that all of your data allowance has been disappeared for "your convenience".

* Being nagged to convert the system you are used to to one where you can no longer find what you need.

* Being told to wait while the system updates itself, sometimes for hours.

* Discovering that the update has replaced the most recent and stable version of a driver with an older and buggier one.

So far (and this may change) the users I know who are now running Mint do not need support. They interract with their computers to browse the web and access email via their web browser. A smaller number generate documents with Libre Office. I spend vasty amounts of time basking in the thankyous for "fixing my machine" compared to when they were running W7. Not once in the better part of a year have I heard the plaintive cry: "Help! My computer's stopped working; the Internet's broken; Why has my computer slowed to a crawl!"

It's a reitiree's dream :-)

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