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"If Google swapped out the underlying Linux portions of Android for some new creation (they've got the budget and the expertise) then I doubt more than 1%-2% of users would stick with "old" Android because of it's Linux ancestry. The rest would just follow where the chocolate factory took them."

I can see why Windows folks think that an interchangeable OS is a terrible idea because they know that should the MS bandwagon founder there is a significant chance they are going to be left stranded on the smouldering wreckage of a burnt platform. They know this because since 1992 they've had MS burn the following platforms (each one quite unique and different): Windows 3.1, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Vista, 7, 8, WinCE, RT...

By contrast I have been able to use the same (expanding) library of tools & code on UNIX style OSes since 1990 (when I got my hands on SunOS). That has allowed me to spend more time delivering solutions and a lot less time retraining/relearning how to do the same things over and over again. It has also meant that I am not tied to a single platform or vendor, if the platform dies or the vendor doesn't deliver what's required at a sane price there is enough competition to find an alternative or apply pressure to the vendor.

I just don't see any benefit to the user in the Windows community over the UNIX community. With the Windows community everyone follows a path that the vendor chooses to suit the vendor first and foremost. If the vendor wants change the users do the change & bear the cost, yet if a user wants a change that doesn't fit the vendor's ideas/business model - like Google for example - MS simply ignores the need. By contrast the "Unix" community provided a solution for the Googles & Apples of this world. MS loyalists *should* be pissed about that because they are missing out on being Google and Apple.

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