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Apple's dominance in Business continues

In the joint press release SAP reports that "76% of business transactions touching a SAP system are from Apple devices" and Apple has reported that their Enterprise revenue hit $25 Billion last year, up 40% YoY.

This agrees with all the other data out there:

Citrix reports iOS has 64% Business market share worldwide. Also, Good Technology reports that Apple captured 72% of global Mobile Enterprise device activations in Q1 2015 with Android on 26%. Likewise, Egnyte reported that Apple's worldwide iOS mobile business market share increased from 69% to 78% in 2013 while Android declined from 30% the previous year to only 22%.

Intermedia's Mobile Trends Report shows that Apple’s share of Small to Medium Business has increased from 65% in 2011 to 68% in 2014. Android languishes on 26%.

Looks like SAP and IBM are very sensible to target iOS since Apple's platform already dominates Business and Enterprise mobile.

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