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I only skimmed all the posts

So I might have missed it but I didn't spot mention of a password manager. I have well over 100 passwords, professional and personal. I don't trust clouds with my password vault so I keep on an encrypted computer. Of course there are encrypted backups too.

My organization requires password changes every 90 days. I'm fine with that; I just create another password using the password manager and I'm good. When there is no password change expectation I change them periodically anyway. A forum password won't be changed as often as a financial institution password but they all change eventually.

I feel the effort is worth it and not much of a bother given the benefit. If there is a breach at my bank, my hope is that I've changed it before it can be used by someone other than me.

I feel like a good password manager that works with your workflow is the easy answer to what, in my opinion, is just one of the more mundane but necessary parts of living in the digital age. I have strong passwords, changed with some frequency, and stored as safely as I can come up with.

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