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Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29th

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Dear Microsoft,

I didn't want your Windows 10 software when it was free as half my applications wouldn't work on it, you send encrypted data back to Redmond and won't let me see the contents, you keep introducing new 'features' like adverts which I find about as appealing and useful as I did 'Clippy' further you bundled in a bunch of bandwidth hogging applications that I have no use for & then make it difficult to remove them, other applications make decisions I don't agree with & can't change - bypassing the hosts file is unforgiveable imo, also you made me go to extraordinary lengths to stop you automatically upgrading the machine I make a living from & preventing it being any use for that purpose.

So what in the seven hells makes you think I want to pay for it ?

You're treatment of your customer base has been dictatorial and frankly disgusting. You claim 300 million upgrades, how many are home users who woke up in the morning & found their shiny laptop had been turned into a brick overnight by a forced upgrade that chewed up their data allowance for a month & hasn't got the right drivers for the hardware? Oh that's right your telemetry won't show that information.

Now OK, I can do something about a lot of these issues and turn Win 10 back into something halfway usable but the amount of work involved and the nasty habit you've developed of bypassing fixes for things your users don't want, mean it's really not worth the effort.

I've already sourced my next OS and it isn't going to be Microsoft, soon as my current development project is over so are you.

Yours an ex Microsoft fan

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