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Linux isn't a desktop success. That's for sure.

My satnav ran it for ten years.

The world's most popular type of smartphones (Android) runs it (and outsell every other type, and have more millions of devices than their competitors, if you check your numbers)

Almost every set-top box of various flavours from Tivo to Netflix to Virgin Media etc. use it, or have used it or some variant.

Everything from Raspberry Pis to Chromebooks to phone systems to ebook readers (Kobo, Kindle, etc.) to web servers to search engines to Amazon cloud to you name it run it.

The problem is that people only look at the Desktop and don't consider all the other things where Windows and Apple don't even figure in the numbers at all.

But with Android, Chromebooks, SteamOS, etc. the numbers are changing, and not in Windows or Apple's favour.

Hell, I found out the other day that my MP3 player was Linux based. I didn't even know. And that's exactly the point - nobody shouts that Linux is in a product. Everyone makes a fuss when Windows is. Shall I tell you what happened to the only Windows Surface tablet we bought in work? For four years we've been trying to find a use for it that doesn't immediately make users feel that it's inadequate and just about anything else would do a better job.

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