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Dedicated password managers make me a bit nervous for some reason. There been issues with a few of them; and they all have more system integration than I'm really comfortable with. I'm probably almost alone in this; but convenience is not that high a priority for me. I'm more interested in ease of recovery and encryption in case my work machine gets nicked.

Plus, after working that way for quite a while now I've really come to like the tree view way of doing things...I have a per-client tab with a tree of notes underneath that; with each note containing whatever I need to know about that service....means I can find anything in real-time while talking on the phone and have everything I need to know in front of my eyes before I've finished the sentence, just about. Then, I copy the password, click the link and remember the username and I'm logged into the relevant bit by the end of the next sentence. Makes you look efficient (no mean feat in my case).

Keynote NF also has alarms you can set for a particular date; which comes in handy from time to time.

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