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It must be unique to your state. Here in California there's no such option. Comcast won't do anything other than rent you their equipment, and even if you buy a compatible device straight off the top of their list of them (a Motorola Arris, DocSys 3.0 in my case), they will lie out their arse & claim it's neither supported nor a DocSys 3.0 device. When I pointed out the fact that it was the *number one* device on their own compatibility list AND that the manufacture claims it's a DocSys 3.0 device, then and ONLY then did Comcast decide to pull their head out of their bum to let it connect to their network.

*Spits on Comcast in disgust*

You've probably also got the fabled thing called "Competition" in your state as well. It sure as fek doesn't exist in this one. =-(

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