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How to avoid being spied on...

Step One: don't use anything electronic. Cell phones, computers, tablets, phablets, or anything of the like. If it plugs in or needs to be recharged, don't use it.

Step Two: Don't write anything down. If you write it, they can read it. You *might* get lucky using a One Time Pad, but that's assuming they weren't watching you draft it in the first place. Better not to write it down.

Step Three: Don't trust anyone. Ever. Anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you trust someone, that person then becomes potential leverage against you. They can't torture info out of anyone if you never shared that info with them in the first place.

Step Four: Drop out of society, all of it, everywhere. If you rely on a grocery store for your goods then it becomes a point of failure to be used against you. So grow your own food, build your own goods, make your own medecin, and don't rely on anyone anywhere for anything. Make it all yourself to prevent them from using your need for it as a weapon against you.

Step Five: Dig yourself a hole, crawl in it, & pull it in over your head. They'll still be able to find you with Ground Penetrating Radar, but at least the resolution of most GPR systems isn't fine enough to read your thoughts... yet.

If you use anything electronic, write any papers, communicate with others, go to the store, or basicly dare to *EXIST*, then they will spy on you to make sure you're not some sort of terrorist.

It's why I want off this planet. I keep hoping the Vogons will show up to vaporize it. =-(

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