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> What's the bug report#, I'd like to see what was happening.

I filed a few, back in the days (that was a few years back). On older hardware systemd was just assuming too much, that _could_ have been dealt with by configuring it better perhaps, too much effort for no added value compared to just wiping the whole damned thing. On more modern machines, touchpad or mouse transcient misbehaviour would cause a system freeze for example. Power supply wonkiness, idem (on machines with built-in batteries!). Slightly wonky network adapter? Down she goes! Etc...

Basically having PID1 take charge of extremely high-level roles is the stupidest design choice ever. Gremlins do happen, and when they do the last thing you want is PID1 dealing directly with them. Specialised tools designed by experts in that precise area with well-documented error codes is the way to go. "look 'ma, I can do it all, no hands" clusterfucks like systemd are the way to downtime.

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