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Do you know where your trade secrets are?

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They refuse to implement basic security measures for 'reasons' then deny ever having done so even though minutes prove it.

And ... Why should they? As the "Information Security Officer" you are there to be the bullet-sponge, the sacrificial lamb, the one to fall gracefully on ones sword should the circumstances proscribe it.

Accept the Dark Side and Life Will be Better!




Having accepted The Dark Side, then, part of your job is to collect and carefully document the dirt so that you will have some solid leverage when it comes to negotiating the severance payment over the "taking full responsibility"-performance; They want this to go smoothly. They will see the value in "investing" a tiny sliver of shareholders money in an "amicable agreement", money which keeps the inquest away and the press mum is well spent. You should get at least get 2 years salary with taxes paid up front. Maybe a pension on top too. Friend of mine got 4 years wages invested into a new venture company owned by him instead of the taxes-paid-bit, this to avoid the top-rate tax.

Next time you could consider "Risk Management Officer" at an investment bank, the role is the exact same, the pay is much better - and you don't have to go to jail to collect like "The Rogue Trader" must.

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