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Aaron Kulkis

Systemd boots up faster? Since when.

That was the original reason that systemd was sold to the community -- that it would boot up faster... which has ALWAYS been a specious argument -- since NOBODY that I've ever heard of sits around rebooting their computer all day. If I reboot more than once/month, then something is seriously wrong -- and that's usually hardware. In any event, systemd has utterly FAILED in that stated objective -- I've never seen a systemd machine boot up faster than an init machine when the two are of comparable hardware and installed software with similar sets of deamons fired up.

On the other hand, sytemd has replaced a simple, robust system with some sort of brittle and fragile ball of code that's the software equivalent of a sculpture imitating and M.C. Escer painting... it's only works right when viewed from EXACTLY the right angle, otherwise, it's a f u c k i n g disaster, and even then, it takes up FAR FAR FAR more room than it should, And the binary system logging STILL sucks, forcing even more waste to run a second, text-only syslog so that you can have a system log that's reliable enough to count on when everything is falling to s h i t.

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