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Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork

Aaron Kulkis

"I can't yet use systemd as fluidly as I can init scripts, but as you said, that's just due to lack of familiarity."

And you never will. SysVInit is easily comprehended with less than a page of documentation. It does ONE THING -- it stops and starts deamons.

In contrast, systemd requires HUNDREDS of pages of documentation, and Poettering and his crew of asshole vandals presume that they know how to do EVERYTHING, such as mountd, better than the mountd subject-matter experts. And whenever their code causes some problems, the excuse is always the same --- "XYZ's code is broken" -- not only with system, but with earlier projects these jerks have worked on as well.

I am so glad that Linux called them out on that bullshit, when they were doing incredibly STUPID things in the kernel to cover up for the fact that systemd was spazzing out.

There is some very serious Narcissistic Personality Disorder, if not full blown Borderline Personality Disorder going on with that crew.

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