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OT - pulseaudio rant

it seems some re-engineering is a case of 'art for arts sake' i don't know much about startup scripts et al, but hopefully the BSDs won't include any of this poettering-soft (i havent checked in on BSD for a few years by now), as if desktop Linux isn't already losing it's way.

lets not pollute desktop OS with more layers of flaky software, pulseaudio sucks big time, always has, probably always will, it's a mess, but it does mix audio streams, something the Android Guys have only just noticed, but why not just fix ALSA instead.

Several years ago (on Linux) i regularly played multiple stereo simultaneous audio streams from one computer and one soundcard, it played perfectly well using ALSA - using DMIX - if your soundcard had hardware mixing. If the code was that bad by then, then tidy ALSA and support it, and work on another replacement, not just layer another fudge over the top. it's a complete bodge.

While we're at it, name the damn pulseaudio functions for human beings too eh ?

Why are distro's so eager to adopt flaky software (and flll the OS with other crap) nowadays ?

yes, there's often a better way to do things, but at what cost, Linux used to suck a lot less years ago, before *buntu & poettering got their meathooks on it, every day BSD looks more like the way to go.

Of course, if you're really serious about audio production, you'll be using coreaudio instead..

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