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Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork

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>That's why things like SELinux exists (although the vast majority of people find it "too hard" and just shut it off).

Funny how that happens after you spend nearly a day diagnosing why a user can't run X apps remotely through ssh and then find out SELinux is silently not allowing sshd access to .Xauthority (not an admin but do help users around my workplace alot). Failing shit silently and in weird ways and wasting users time is why SELinux sucks balls. Yes maybe for an out of the box internet facing server I can see its use but even then you are most certainly better off using OpenBSD whose developers also believe code correctness in a tightly audited base along with proper UNIX permissions and best practices beat the shit out of bolted on RBAC systems which generally just end up locking the door after the horse as bolted and fsck over normal users 1000x more often than the baddies.

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