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Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork


Poettering Free Systems.

First we had Pulseaudio. When googling solutions to problems I almost always came across a post by Poettering raving about how wonderful Pulseaudio was and it didn't need fixing.

Pulseaudio went to the great bitbucket in the sky and my systems stabilised again.

Until SystemD. When I allowed SystemD on board it was like going back to the awful Windows days. Bugs, problems, opaqueness and no fixes.

Now I'm back to SysVinit and no longer have frustrating mornings getting the PCs to boot properly. The sad thing is that I cannot yet uninstall the the SystemD mess 'cos too many packages have dependencies on it.

If Debian stick with SystemD then, sadly, it's bye bye Debian.

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