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PulseAudio never fails to fuck things up. Currently it's giving me STATIC - loud, obnoxious clipping noise - intermittently of course. On a brand new Mint 17.3 install, I spent an hour troubleshooting HDMI audio, only to discover Pulse actually wasn't starting automatically... what a total frickin' curveball after 5+ years of struggling to STOP the damn thing, lol. On the upside, now it cooperates with JACK just fine, at least with the help of KXStudio and Cadence, for now. I'm sure that's already broken in newer distros, though.

For all the effort sunk into the PulseAudio layer-upon-layer architecture, it would've been better to start over and build what ALSA was meant to be, a unified sound architecture with software mixing and optional JACK-style synchronous low-latency I/O.

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