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Obtaining an license agreement for SQL Server 2014 will give you Windows 10 enterprise entitlements. Same goes for some Office 2016 license agreements.

With the MS action pack, you get access to a number of Windows licenses, they are enterprise licenses. I cannot remember how many you get off the top of my head, maybe 5? But yes, this means the GWX nag and download would automatically be suppressed, unless the user chose to make any changes themselves. Even the system tray icon is suppressed.

Now, lets get on to the point that so many people have obviously missed - I haven't said at all that people should go out and buy an enterprise license, haven't said it once. I dont even think its possible for the consumer to buy one - officially. i guess a uni student or power geek might want to install and use it, but I am going to go out on a limb and say those people are going to be few and far between.

My comments above have all been to do with business, not the average end user at home. I have made that perfectly clear. If people work for an organisation using say Windows 7 enterprise, which is entirely likely given the administration options available for it, then they wont see the nag.

I dont understand why organisations who are using Windows wouldn't want to use the enterprise version, otherwise they are literally leaving the update schedule up to Microsoft. And if organisations start using Windows 10, which is going to happen at some point, then the update schedule becomes even more pernicious.

How is this not sensible?

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