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Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork


BSD isn't a great example of how an OS should progress. It has neither the market share or manpower to even maintain the kernel for new hardware, let alone make a change as drastic as an init system. Let's face it, Linux rules the server market, Red Hat rules the Linux server market, and as much as you might dislike Poettering or systemd, Red Hat aren't going to start taking something as drastic from upstream as an init system change without it benefiting their core market. They know where the majority of their money comes from.

Most of the problems with systemd stem from not knowing or not caring about how to use it. I don't have issues with the amount of information I can get from journalctl. I haven't not been able to debug any issues with systemd. In fact, it's been a lot easier, because I only have to look in one place, and I get relevant targeted information.

There's actually about 70 Linux distros that don't use systemd. But they will all have key software in common to which there is no alternative. And even if a distro does use systemd, that's just the init system - and a lot of work has gone into backward and cross compatibility. Look at the way Debian has implemented it. It's actually awesome. It'll only be like Windows when a single company maintains a single solution incompatible with other distros that uses only its own closed source, proprietary software to do the job.

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