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Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork


I love Linux, but I hate the boring, predictable responses to changes major or minor that pervade the mindset of a whole bunch of my fellow enthusiasts. Systemd is a positive for me. Sorry (not sorry), but it is.

I'm not a massive fan of Lennart or his attitude, and I dislike the tendency toward feature creep (but I turn those features off), but a supported init system that has at least the intention of integrating well, and which has support and inertia is a good thing for Linux. Sorry (not sorry), but that's how I, and obviously a majority of maintainers, feel. Let's face it, systemd isn't just popular because of Red Hat. It's popular because it works better than anything else.

From my perspective, the systemd situation exemplifies one of the major advantages and two of the major problems with Linux and other FLOSS. The major advantage is that anything can be forked. Which is great, and how it should be.

But then, moving to the problems, anything can be forked, and people use that freedom to try and fork things at the slightest provocation (like LibreSSL, which was founded with a stated purpose and has arguably failed to live up to that intent). Alright, an in init system is a big change and therefore not technically "the slightest provocation", and Devuan will probably just fall into the category of minor distros that have crappy maintenance and flounder for a while before failing. But the failure of a minority to get on board with changes that distros have made because the maintainers see the benefit highlights the other problem with Linux and other FLOSS: the almost Luddite resistance to change that we see now, and we saw in PulseAudio, that has you banging your head on the table and wondering if everyone who refuses to use anything new still walks around with a Nokia 5110 in their pocket and has a rotary phone on their landline. You know what I put this down to? I don't want to change and I don't want to learn.

But yeah. Enjoy your "freedom".

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