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Are you saying your Mac doesn't badger you to upgrade, because I have a Mac, iPad and two iPhones and I'll say you're a liar

Well, thank you for that unwarranted character assassination, so let me return the favour by stating that comprehensive reading may not be your strength, nor your depth of knowledge about iOS and OSX.

One by one:

My Mac will not interrupt a presentation or otherwise nag me in the middle of using it for work - it nicely stays out of the way and at best I can see a red dot on the App Store icon.

Secondly, no it doesn't nag me to upgrade because:

1 - I don't have the App Store in the dock, because I use the dock for apps I use often

2 - Over 5 years of OSX use I have as yet to come across an update that borks the system. However, as I back up daily and run Time Machine, I consider a dud upgrade an acceptable risk so my Mac is permitted to update what it can except for full OS updates - which it won't do automatically anyway. So I don't see any nag unless I go looking for it, and I generally do that after an update has been out for 24..48 hours so that any problems are known.

Thirdly, ditto for iOS. That you're so keen to see the app store icon or are incapable of moving it somewhere less irritating is your problem, not mine. I have a home screen with icons I use a lot, and a second screen with groups where everything else lives. Here too, apps update automatically, the OS I do manually because one device is a bit short on storage (too many movies on it :) ). So, again, no nagging.

You strike me as as the sort of person who will rather whinge for weeks about something than actually using Google for 10 seconds to solve a problem himself.

I understand you may not be feeling yourself, you can do that later privately*

* RIP, Spike Milligan

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