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Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast


When are people going to realise that almost everything microsoft produce is basically shite?

I'm not totally convinced about that. No company is completely bad or they'd go out of business right at the start, but no company is completely good either. I rather liked Windows 2000 and once they'd stopped buggering around, XP was fine. W7 and Windows Server 2008 were the best things out there since W2K and I'm not completely against Windows Server 2012 as long as it is rigged for reasonable running (if the GUI has to be loaded, I'll take that with Classic Shell).

But each of the above systems has its flaws and the other systems not mentioned here all have something good about them if you look hard enough. It's just that more recent ideas behind the designs of systems, especially the GUIs (which is why I'm less likely to write off server OS releases), have pushed ideas that have royally pissed off (and on) users one way of another.

They aren't totally shite, but you can see where the shite lies more easily in the recent releases.

Hey! Now there's an idea for a new icon!!!

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