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Trust me, Microsoft reads these forums. They treat these comments seriously.

I trust you, but that isn't the problem.

If they do read these comments, this one included, then the question has to be asked as to why they continue to push as they do.

  • Why do they insist on pushing W10 on people who have no intention of downgrading to W10?
  • Why do they continue to slurp when it has been expressed by so many that this is not acceptible?
  • Why do they continue with a policy of mandatory updates even though it has been shown more than once that their quality control is at fault?
The trouble is that they have been in the wrong before but never admit it until well after they have been proven to be in the wrong, usually when the product or action in question is no longer relevant. If this really is an attempt to kick-start LoD, then they'd be better off saying so!

No, I trust you. But Microsoft? I'd trust them no further than I could spit a rat.

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