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Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast

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... Wn7 64 Professional is not home software, the word "Professional" gives you a hint !

This is Microsoft we're talking about. "Professional" means "this is the version with the minimum feature set that actually works" and "Home" means "this is a half-arsed cheapskate version from which we've removed a bunch of useful stuff that home users may not miss just so we can push the price down without tempting IT departments to cut corners".

Note the emphasis. The networking tools, for example, in "Home" versions of Windows are so seriously crippled that anyone with pretensions toward being a power user - or even an enthusiastic hobbyist - should just say "no" and walk away. It's not just about using workgroups (or the latest atrocity "Homegroups") instead of domains.

Don't start me on (lack of) tools for managing permissions in Windows "Home" versions!

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