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Re: Small misfire by M$ leads to a Butterfly Effect...?


Are you having a larf?

MS does what it wants to do and to hell with what the users think or more importantly want.

There are hundred if not thousands of posts here decrying Windows 10 for a multitude of reasons.

Nothing that MS says or does leads me to think that they are listening.

More likely they are putting their fingers in their ears and shouting

"LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-I can't Hear you!".

If they do read this forum and want to reply directly and tell us how they are going to address the concerns of the commentards who post here, I am sure that El-Reg will give them that opportunity.

But will they jump into the Lions den?

Please note, if there is a reply we don't want some marketing tripletalk who will spend 500 words and say absolutely nothing.

{Proudly posted from a Windows 10 free Environment}

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