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Microsoft to hike certification exam prices

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Maybe they'll drop the price...?

No, if they were value-priced you would RECEIVE money to take them.

Let's add this up then.

- Monthly charges in a fairly transparent attempt to hide true costs in OPEX rather than CAPEX and without the ever returning problem of offering something new to convince people to buy again.

- Lots of questions about privacy. A lot of marketing, sure, but the reality seems to harshly conflict with the marketing.

- Elevated implementation and maintenance costs as the people you need for it will cost more.

- Less likely to have properly trained people onsite to keep it all safe, unless your training budget is decided by the person who takes it in the neck if it all goes wrong (which is rarely the case, so forget about training now).

The future might be bright, but this way I don't see it feature many Microsoft banners.

Which is maybe WHY the future is bright :)

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