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high tax rates keep you from BECOMING rich!

I hate it when "already rich" people want allegedly-rich people (i.e. those trying to BECOME rich) to pay confiscatorily high tax rates like that. It ensures THEY have their private "I am already rich" club, keeping the rest of us from entering.

flat tax rates are the ONLY *FAIR* tax rates. otherwise, it's just a sneaky way to continue separating 'haves' from 'have nots'. because the dirty secret is that "the rich" do not pay THAT kind of tax rate, EVER. Yes, maybe on 'wage income', but that's a FRACTION of what they REALLY earn, and THAT money is often taxed at a LOWER rate (say 'capital gains' and 'tax shelters'). And THEY know it, and TOO MANY of us do NOT know it, and they use this "tax the rich" nonsense to FOOL everybody in to thinking they CARE or something, but it's a BIG! FAT! LIE!!! They just want themSELVES to keep their "wealthy" status and keep OTHERS from joining "the club".

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